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All About Blood Sugar + Natural Remedies for High Blood Sugar

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A normal healthy fasting blood sugar is around 87 mg/dL. For every milligram over 87, your chance of diabetes increases greatly. Once your fasting blood sugar reaches 100 mg/dL, you are said to be “pre-diabetic” and once it reaches 126 mg/dL, you are diagnosed with diabetes. BUT, once fasting blood sugar begins to rise above 90 or so, excess glucose in the bloodstream binds to proteins and starts to damage small blood vessels in the kidneys and other organs.

The rise in glucose indicates that you have “insulin resistance”. In fact, fasting insulin levels begin to rise before your blood sugar does. “Adiponectin” (also measurable in the blood) begins to drop even before any insulin changes are seen! Once adiponectin begins to drop and insulin rises, action must be taken in the form of dietary modification and sometimes vital nutrient supplementation to halt this process.

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What Can Be Done for High Blood Sugar

Too many patients are told that nothing can be done when their glucose is over 100 but has not reached 126. In the meantime, the clock ticks and the damage is being done. Research indicates that type II diabetes CAN be reversed by diet and lifestyle if the pancreatic function has not been completely exhausted.

At The Center for Fully Functional® Health, we measure adiponectin, insulin, and fasting blood sugar in all of our patients. Come to see us and we will order a complete panel and help you take charge of your health before any damage is done.

For additional support, please read our article on How To Cut Sugar Out of Your Diet: 10 Easy Steps, which has some great tips!

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