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Physical Therapy in Carmel, Indiana

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The Power of Performance

Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

Don’t settle for sitting on the sidelines or dealing with pain and limited range of motion due to an injury! With proper Sports Medicine Physical Therapy in Carmel, at The Center for Fully Functional Health, you can continue to enjoy the activities you love and have complete, comfortable mobility.

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Eliminate Pain Without Painful Procedures

When injuries take you out of the game, Physical Therapy helps you recover and thrive.

The drive to compete and win often pushes people to their limits and beyond. While this drive is at the heart of great performances and personal records, ignoring pain thresholds and overlooking risky behavior can put you at risk of a new or recurring injury. These injuries can have life-long impacts like significant pain and discomfort and an inability to compete or participate in beloved activities. Common sports-related injuries that may need Sports Medicine Physical Therapy include:

  • Sprains
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Strained muscles
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Dislocated shoulder
  • Torn ligament (ACL, LCL, MCL, PCL)

At CFFH, we treat sports and exercise-related injuries with a range of physical therapy techniques designed to reduce pain and promote healing. Our goal is to help patients continue playing or performing at their peak without missing a step.

Dry Needling

Unique Benefits to Keep You at the Top of Your Game

We use unique Sports Medicine Physical Therapies like dry needling for powerful pain management and rehabilitation.

By applying the right therapies to specifically address areas of weakness, strain, or damage, we help patients put injuries on the defensive. Our therapy treatments include:

  • Plyometrics
  • Strength training
  • Guided stretching exercises
  • Targeted muscle conditioning and strengthening
  • Skill development for specific sports to train key muscle groups
  • Dry needling to release tension, reduce pain, and promote healing

Dry needling is an innovative and medically-verified approach to our Carmel Physical Therapy that helps relieve pain and ease discomfort from common injuries. During dry needling treatments, specific trigger points (areas of high muscle sensitivity) are targeted to reduce tension and encourage muscle relaxation by stimulating an anti-inflammatory response. In addition, the dry needling method promotes blood flow to irritated muscles and releases endorphins for an all-natural way of relaxing and soothing.

Weight Management

Nutritional planning and our weight loss program may assist you in developing healthy habits, overcoming a sugar addiction, and reaching your optimal weight.

Our team can assist you when the nutritional adjustments you need to make seem too daunting or challenging to handle on your own. We can help you transition into a better way of life gradually. Our expert health coaches assist with nutrition planning, overseen by our board-certified doctors.

Carmel Physical Therapy patient model with Dr Scott Antoine
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Health Coaching

Our Health Coaches assist you in making necessary mental and behavioral adjustments and customizing your food and lifestyle plan to meet your specific health objectives.

Health Coaching from the Center for Fully Functional Health (CFFH) assists you in achieving transformative health behavior changes so that you may execute your specific Fully Functional treatment plan and regain your life. In order to effectively adopt customized food, mentality, and lifestyle adjustments, health coaching is used to bridge the gap between your doctor’s medical advice and old habits. This is an integral part of our Sports Medicine Physical Therapy.

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Improve Pain Relief and Stay Active

A personalized plan to keep you at 100%.

Our team will use their extensive knowledge of biomechanics and exercise science to craft the right plan for your specific body, needs, and goals. We’ll begin with a 60-minute evaluation and treatment session to determine the exact issue and how it’s affecting your quality of life, including the presence of pain, limited range of motion, and other impacts. With Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Carmel patients can also help improve their outcome and recovery time if they’re ever facing surgery for their injury. Our treatments are designed to help speed healing, reduce pain, minimize scar tissue, and recover the full range of motion.

Make Peak Performance Possible Again

We understand an injury can feel like much more than a minor setback.

Surgery, physical therapy, healing, and continued practice can all be part of your journey back to normal. Our experienced, dedicated team is ready to help you understand the next steps and put the best plan in place for optimal recovery, treatment of an old injury, or preemptive physical therapy to avoid injury and stay healthy long term.

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It is Time to Fully Function

We believe that a personalized approach and understanding of your body’s limits are vital to achieving better performance, avoiding future issues, and staying Fully Functional for life.

Because sports injuries can be especially severe and challenging, they require a knowledgeable and experienced approach for adequate treatment and to ensure a full recovery. Our physical therapy team is Certified Doctors of Sports Medicine Physical Therapy, with extensive education and over a decade’s experience helping patients successfully regain range of motion, relieve pain, and meet the unique physiological demands placed on the body during athletic activities and exercise.

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Better Shape Means Better Health

Schedule your Sports Medicine Physical Therapy in Carmel, Indiana today.

When it comes to transforming your health and wellbeing, YOU are responsible for a large portion of your success. For your body to properly recover and cleanse, you’ll need to make dietary, mental, and lifestyle adjustments to give you the greatest opportunity of reversing any harm and optimizing your health. We realize how difficult it may be to change old habits with new, healthy ones. It is practically never effective to rely just on willpower! Learn how our Sports Medicine Physical Therapy techniques may assist you in becoming Fully Functional. Contact our team today by calling (317) 989-8463 or filling out our online form to set up an initial consultation and treatment session and start the path back to Fully Functional.

Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

Physical Therapy is recommended to help rehabilitate and prevent injuries that might be more severe, long-lasting, or otherwise different from those experienced by average physical therapy patients.

Once pain has been addressed, our functional assessments focus on identifying and diagnosing areas of weakness or under development that could cause a new injury to occur or an existing injury to worsen. Ideal candidates for Sports Medicine Physical Therapy are those who would like to improve their comfort, functionality, and mobility. This includes patients who have sustained an injury or who are experiencing pain, weakness, mobility limitations, or other concerns that may impair physical function.

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