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Ballancer Pro | Lymphatic Drainage Massagein Carmel, IN

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A Deeper Sense of Wellness

Ballancer Pro Lymphatic Massage in Carmel

Whether you are chasing a new personal best at the gym or chasing your kids around the playground, you want your body to feel up to the challenge. Lymphatic massages in Carmel can be a tremendous way to get rid of aches and pains and make sure you’re up for whatever life throws your way. The Center for Fully Functional Health is the only practice in Indiana to offer the Ballancer Pro, a fascinating, drug-free, non-surgical way to improve your body’s performance. Schedule your Carmel Lymphatic Drainage Massage sessions right now—over the phone or using our web form—or you can schedule a complimentary 15-minute Health Coaching Assessment to learn more about the Ballancer Pro and determine how many sessions are appropriate for you.

Carmel lymphatic drainage massage model receiving treatment

A Gentle Hug for your Lymphatic System

What is Ballancer Pro?

Ballancer Pro is a compression massage system for your lymphatic system. Using computer-assisted technology and a compression body sleeve that resembles a sleeping bag, Ballancer Pro delivers targeted Lymphatic Drainage Massage to your body to improve lymphatic circulation and speed the removal of toxins from the lymphatic system. The process feels relaxing and therapeutic, and you’ll notice a physical difference immediately after your session.

What are the benefits of lymphatic massage?

It turns out that our ancestors were onto something! Ancient Chinese medicine had the concepts of Qi and Yin and Yang. Ancient Egyptians believed in body balance. The ancient Greeks had their four humors. Nearly every ancient society had some notion that the body’s ability to remove toxins was critical to good health.

Modern science proves that the lymphatic system acts as the body’s conduit for eliminating certain toxins that cause inflammation and swelling. Lymphatic Drainage Massage through technologies like Ballancer Pro encourages lymphatic drainage. This process literally pushes these toxins through your system more quickly, reducing inflammation and improving your body’s overall ability to manage stress, inflammation, and toxins like lactic acid, which build up in the body as you exercise. This makes Ballancer Pro an excellent choice for everything from muscle aches to maintaining a healthy immune system.

A Difference You Can Feel

Am I a good candidate for Ballancer Pro?

Ballancer Pro is a safe, non-surgical, drug-free way to improve your body’s overall ability to function. It is generally well tolerated by almost all patients, and there are very few side effects, the most common of which are mild headaches. Getting the pressure settings right is important, which is why the trained Ballancer Pro technicians at The Center for Fully Functional Health are an excellent choice. Their attention and experience ensure that you will get a comfortable, effective Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Carmel.

Carmel lymphatic drainage massage model receiving treatment
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A Soothing Sensation

Your Ballancer Pro Procedure

Your Carmel Lymphatic Drainage Massage will take about an hour overall. The session takes 45 minutes and targets either your upper body (arms and abdomen) or your lower body (waist, hips, and legs). Our Ballancer Pro technicians will get you into the compression sleeve and make sure you are comfortable. Once your technician programs in your settings, you can just lay back and relax during your treatment. The process is so soothing some patients even find themselves dozing off!

Ready to Go

Ballancer Pro Recovery

There is no recovery time from Ballancer Pro. Once the session is through, you can resume your day, just like you would after any other type of massage. Also, just like any other massage, our Ballancer Pro technicians will remind you to hydrate following your treatment. With our Lymphatic Drainage Massage Carmel patients should know that proper hydration is essential for overall body health and can help maximize the effects of your Ballancer Pro session.

The Confidence of You

Ballancer Pro Results

Athletes often complain of having “heavy legs'' or feeling sluggish or sore. Often, this can be due to lactic acid buildup in the lymphatic system. Following your Ballancer Pro session, you may find that you feel “lighter” or that moving your upper or lower body comes with less resistance. Patients who make Ballancer Pro part of their normal fitness routine find that they are more in tune with their lymphatic systems after several months and can start to feel “heavier” when it’s been a while between sessions. Additional aesthetic benefits include reducing the appearance of stretch marks, alleviating puffiness and swelling, alleviating digestive problems, and contours your body with a reduction in overall inches.

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Schedule your Indianapolis Ballancer Pro consultation with The Center for Fully Functional Health today.

At The Center for Fully Functional Health in Carmel Lymphatic Drainage Massage with Ballancer Pro is one of the many Med Spa treatments we offer to keep you healthy and functioning at your peak. No matter your health goals, lymphatic massage with Ballancer Pro can help your body improve muscle function and maintain a healthy immune system. Schedule your complimentary 15-minute Health Coaching Assessment to learn more about the Ballancer Pro to determine how many sessions are appropriate for you at our office in Carmel, IN. Discover the difference Fully Functional health can make in your life.

Ballancer ProFrequently Asked Questions

Ballancer Pro sessions should never cause pain. Our Ballancer Pro technicians are experienced professionals who make sure your session is comfortable and effective by ensuring the correct fitting and settings for your body and needs.

You should experience a noticeable change in how your body feels after your first session. At The Center for Fully Functional Health, our doctors recommend an introductory series of four treatments to maximize the effects of Lymphatic Drainage Massage over time. Once the initial series is complete, ongoing treatments can happen at a pace that keeps you feeling at your best. If you start to notice soreness, sluggishness, or inflammation returning, you’ll recognize that it’s probably time for another session.

In addition to Lymphatic Drainage Massage through Ballancer Pro, The Center for Fully Functional Health offers multiple treatment options to maximize your overall functional health. Peptide therapy can help with detoxification, healthy aging, and weight management. Red light therapy improves skin tone and the production of key proteins that improve complexion. We also offer laser treatments and other non-surgical interventions that improve the body’s ability to produce smoother, healthier-looking skin. Our doctors are Functional and Integrative Medicine experts and will work with you to identify the right healthy aging treatment to fit your needs.

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