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Weight Loss Program in Carmel, Indiana

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We offer a suite of services and support to address common weight loss challenges and underlying health conditions that may affect your ability to maintain a healthy weight.

Whether you want to shed unwanted pounds or add muscle and strength, it can be daunting to manage your weight alone. With so many voices offering contradictory advice online, it can also be tricky to find weight management tools that fit your personal health journey.

Our team of Integrative Medicine clinicians uses a variety of diagnostic tools, holistic therapies, nutrition planning, and health coaching to create a thoughtful, science-based protocol for managing your weight and achieving your health goals. Get started with one of the options below to experience individualized, holistic support as you reach your target weight.

Healthy Weight Loss & Holistic Weight Management

Losing weight means paying attention to your whole body, not just mealtime habits or how often you exercise.

Many of the reasons that people struggle to lose weight have nothing to do with their activity levels or the amount of food they eat and everything to do with their personal body chemistry. Ongoing inflammation, changes in sex hormones, and chronic stress can all cause weight gain or make it difficult to burn fat. And if your daily routine includes foods that are causing an immune response, losing weight may feel impossible.

Don’t guess about your body’s needs or waste endless hours on the treadmill, when the real answers may center around thyroid function, nutrient deficiencies, or food intolerance. Our team has supported thousands of patients in reaching their weight loss goals with a compassionate, research-backed approach that also improves overall health and energy levels.

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Focus on a Healthy Weight

Your ideal weight depends on many factors, including your age, sex, and daily lifestyle.

An active perimenopausal woman in her fifties needs much different weight advice than a sedentary man in his thirties. Cookie-cutter tips about counting calories, macros, and steps ignore the massive impact your overall health has on your ability to lose or gain weight. If you’re relying on a social media influencer to help, you’re missing the vital clinical data and years of functional experience needed to formulate a plan made for you alone.

Our all-inclusive Weight Management Focus Appointment Package was designed to explore all of the areas that can impact your weight, from insulin resistance and hormonal imbalances to inflammation caused by stress or food intolerances. Our Carmel weight loss program includes a thorough review of your health history and goals, two practitioner appointments, as well as the baseline labs needed to assess your current health. Using the results, we’ll create a completely personalized plan with integrative therapies, health coaching, supplementation, and the diet and lifestyle changes needed to achieve your goal weight.

Healthy Weight Is Not About Willpower

In fact, being stressed about your weight creates a hormone response that makes it even harder to burn fat or build muscle!

Many of our patients come to us feeling frustrated or ashamed about their inability to lose or gain weight. The reality is that almost no one can make sustained changes in their weight through dieting alone. Our first step is to learn about your health history, lifestyle, and any other symptoms you’re experiencing, then perform smart testing to identify all of the issues contributing to your weight concerns. Once we understand your needs, we select modern Functional and Integrative Medicine modalities to help you reach your weight goals. Your customized plan may include:

  • Red Light Therapy to address chronic inflammation
  • IV Therapy, like our Trim and Detox IV formulas
  • InBody Body Composition Analysis to set informed goals
  • Compounded Semaglutide to balance blood glucose and appetite
  • Supplementation to restore nutrients and improve digestion
  • Full Spectrum Sauna to quickly burn fat and improve metabolism
  • Ballancer Pro Lymphatic Drainage to improve detoxification and smooth cellulite
  • Health Coaching and Nutrition Planning to create a diet that fits your food intolerances, health needs, and lifestyle
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Explore Our Personalized Nutrition Planning

CFFH Nutrition Planning in Carmel is key to creating healthy diet habits, one of the most important aspects of living Fully Functional.

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Nutrition planning can help you build healthy habits, break sugar addiction, and reach your ideal weight. When the dietary changes you need to make feel too overwhelming or complex to manage on your own, we can help ease you into a healthier way of life. Nutrition Planning is guided by our outstanding Health Coaches and supervised by our Physicians. With every Nutrition Plan we consider the following:

  • Personal health goals
  • Current medical conditions or symptoms
  • Ways to reduce inflammation
  • Ways to support natural detox pathways
  • Breaking sugar addiction
  • Food sensitivities and allergies
  • Reaching and maintaining your ideal weight (if needed)
  • Increasing insulin sensitivity

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Take the Stress Out of Mealtime

We understand that if you don’t love what you eat, you’ll struggle to stick to a new way of cooking and living.

That’s why your personalized Nutrition Plan is designed to help you ease into a healthier way of life that is sustainable. We will help you choose delicious meals that never make you feel deprived. We have anti-inflammatory meal plans for a range of preferences and needs, from Paleo, Grain-Free, and Keto to Low-FODMAP, Yeast-Free, Low-Histamine, and Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). Our goal is to ensure that you look forward to your meals and feel empowered to make simple, healthy choices. No stress and no guilt!

Who is Nutrition Planning for?

Nutrition Planning is ideal for people who want assistance in modifying their diet because they understand the crucial role that food plays in their health. For many of our patients, Nutrition Planning offers invaluable peace of mind.

This can be especially true for anyone with multiple food sensitivities, allergies, or chronic illnesses. If you need a complete diet overhaul to quickly correct health issues, want to lose weight safely and keep it off, or are simply craving a little more variety in your healthy diet, we have solutions. We also understand there’s a lot of confusing information available to you, which can seem overwhelming. Your Nutrition Plan will be developed by our trusted health coaches and approved by our physicians. That gives you the reassurance that not only will you save time and money with your new plan, you’re eating just what the doctor ordered.

What are the benefits of Nutrition Planning?

Eat well and feel your best on your way to Fully Functional. Never worry about what’s for dinner again! Nothing is simpler than having your recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists prepared for you. And our Carmel Nutrition Planning will always keep your budget in mind, so you prioritize essential nutrients instead of wasting money on gimmicky health food fads. We believe health-focused nutrition should be accessible to everyone.

Why use CFFH for Nutrition Planning tailored to you?

Many diets fail because they’re too strict, too confusing, or don’t provide the support necessary for you to be successful – you’ll find none of that here. Living a Fully Functional life means enjoying every day to the fullest, and that includes enjoying what you eat. When we develop your nutrition plan, we consider your personal preferences, medical needs, time, and budget. We take into account any food sensitivities or allergies, as well as your cooking experience and family situation. With Nutrition Planning, Carmel patients are offered extra support beyond our health coaching programs by co-creating tailored recipes, meal plans, and grocery lists with Health Coaches who understand what a challenge mealtime can be.

Do you offer remote Nutrition Planning support?

With Telemedicine Nutrition Planning, we’re your biggest cheerleaders – from the comfort of your own home! Let’s get you feeling better and eating flavorful, nutrient-dense, Fully Functional meals that support your personal health goals. Remember, you can get the nutrition support you need via video or telephone calls. We serve thousands of Carmel, Indiana residents, as well as patients from all over the world. We strive to provide the best Nutrition Planning Carmel has to offer!

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Feel Confident In Your Body

We understand that weight changes are often about more than improving your energy or mobility – we also want you to feel great about how you look!

Feeling your best includes loving what you see in the mirror. That’s why we also offer state-of-the-art functional MedSpa therapies to address common aesthetic needs associated with weight loss, including cellulite, stretch marks, loose skin, acne, and scarring. All of our treatments are safe and non-invasive and keep your overall health in mind. Ask us about adding any of the following to your holistic weight loss journey for improved results:

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Get Started with Your Weight Loss Today in Carmel, IN

The Center for Fully Functional Health is committed to helping patients achieve their weight goals using smart, personalized plans and proven Integrative Medicine protocols.

Whether we’re showing busy parents how to balance their insulin and stress levels or helping elite athletes add muscle and speed, our fantastic team has the experience and tools needed to help patients identify their ideal weight goals and reach them. If you'd like to find out more about our weight loss program Carmel specialists at CFFH can answer all your questions during your initial consultation. Contact our office today to learn more about how we can support your journey to Fully Functional.

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