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Facials in Carmel, IN

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True self-care is never one-size-fits-all.

Facials in Carmel, IN

That’s why every facial we provide includes a complimentary consultation with a world-class Aesthetician, where we will determine the best plan for your needs and recommend products customized to your skin, lifestyle, and health. We also believe in going the extra mile! Every Fully Functional facial also includes the optional of a complimentary BioMat add-on, for noninvasive detoxification and pain relief as you enjoy your Carmel Facial treatment.

Our Customized Facials

Choose from any one of our six Custom Facials formulated by our master aestheticians to promote healthy, glowing skin.

Signature Glow

Fully Functional Self-Care | 45 minutes

Brighten your day with our Signature Facial and enjoy a healthy, youthful glow. Your Custom Facial includes an invigorating deep cleanse, relaxing hot towel aromatherapy, a light peel, and the right mask for you. Ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and fully personalized to your needs.

Signature Platinum

Custom Luxury | 70 minutes

Revitalize your mind and body with the Signature Platinum Facial, the ultimate self-care upgrade. Your facial includes an invigorating deep cleanse, blissful hot towel aromatherapy, customized peel, dermaplaning, a mask selected for your skin, and heavenly face and neck massage. You will also receive a Take-Home Skincare Kit for continued pampering and impressive results.


Pampering on a Schedule | 30 minutes

When life feels hectic and that mid-afternoon slump is looming, escape for an express Lunchbreak Facial! Your flash facial is fully customized and features vitamin-enriched botanicals to restore your energy and natural glow. (Everyone will wonder what your secret is...)


Nourish & Hydrate | 60 minutes

Maturing skin has special needs, and the Rejuvenate Facial features customized exfoliation and moisturizing treatments designed specifically to reduce fine lines, scarring, hormone-related breakouts, and hyperpigmentation. This Custom Facial in Carmel includes a renewing cleanse, customized peel, Vitamin A Boost, luxurious hot towel aromatherapy, deep moisture mask, and delightful face and neck massage. (A series of 3–5 treatments recommended for best results.)


Soothe & Heal | 60 minutes

The Clarify Facial addresses the needs of skin prone to acne and breakouts, with a fully customized exfoliation and extraction process designed to leave your skin clean and healthy. Your facial includes a purifying deep cleanse, personalized peel, Detox Clear Boost pore-minimizing serum, soothing hot towel aromatherapy, clay mask, and relaxing face and neck massage. (A series of 3–5 treatments recommended for best results.)


De-Stress & Detox | 60 minutes

Breathe deeply and relax during your facial, a holistic treatment experience created to ease your tension and erase the signs of stress. Your Soothe Facial includes a refreshing cleanse, gentle exfoliation with a plant-based scrub, restorative hot towel aromatherapy with oxygenating mist, a hydrating mask, and nurturing face and neck massage with hot and cold stones. (A series of 3–5 treatments recommended for best results.)

Enjoy a better value when you plan ahead for your self-care! With our custom facials Carmel patients can save 5% on a package of three or 10% on a package of six.

Custom Facial Add-ons

Enhance your Custom Facial with any of our add-ons.


Dermaplaning offers deep exfoliation and removes vellus hairs (fuzzies) for a brighter, smoother complexion. As a bonus, it also allows skincare products to better penetrate the skin for optimal results from your facial.


Microdermabrasion offers gentle exfoliation of the top layer of skin. Diminishes wrinkles, smoothes skin, brightens skin tone, and reduces age spots.

Brightening Accelerator

This serum evens skin tone and improves elasticity for a glowing, youthful look. A must for maturing skin or uneven pigmentation.

Vitamin A Boost

Wave goodbye to sun damage and signs of acne. Includes retinol for wrinkle reduction and improved skin texture.

Lymphatic Drainage

Reduce puffiness and soothe your skin with lymphatic drainage during your facial. Improves circulation and detoxification to help decrease breakouts and discoloration under the eyes.

Tripollar Targeted Radiofrequency

This spot treatment stimulates collagen production in the eyes, neck, or chin for firmer, smoother skin.

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Our expert aestheticians will take the time to understand not only your skin concerns, but the environmental factors that may be playing a part in your skin’s overall health. Schedule your Custom Facial consultation today to kickstart your journey to radiant, healthy skin at Fully Functional.

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