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Beautiful Eyes in Carmel, IN

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Let's talk about dry eyes

Revolutionizing Dry Eyes

Beautiful Eyes is a cutting-edge treatment for skin irritation and redness around and beneath your eyes caused by rosacea and other skin conditions. The Center for Fully Functional Health is proud to be the first Clinician in Indiana to offer this remarkable therapy! Due to a frequent condition known as Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, some people with rosacea and inflammation may also suffer from dry eye illness (MGD).

Beautiful Eyes is the first and only FDA-approved IPL therapy for treating the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease, and The Center for Fully Functional Health is the only practice in Indiana to provide it. Let your eyes shine with Beautiful Eyes dry-eye laser treatment from the Fully Functional Med Spa in Carmel, Indiana. Learn more by scheduling a consultation today.

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Get Relief from Dry, Itchy Eyes

What is the Beautiful Eyes Treatment?

Our Carmel Beautiful Eyes treatment reduces redness and inflammation around and beneath the eyes, giving you a more awakened appearance.

What are the benefits of Beautiful Eyes?

Enjoy Life Without Irritated Eyes

You are not alone if you suffer from dry, itchy eyes. Inflammation of the skin and eyelids affects millions of Americans, causing painful ocular disorders, including dry eye. Although eye drops may give a temporary remedy, relying on a "bandaid solution" for the rest of your life is impractical. The Center for Fully Functional Health is the only place in Indiana to get Lumenis Beautiful Eyes therapy, a groundbreaking process that treats the underlying cause of dry, red, itchy, and burning eyes while also providing instant relief.

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Dry Eye Treatment That Can Change Your Life

Your Beautiful Eyes Procedure

The laser pulses produce heat by penetrating the sensitive under-eye tissue. This heat is directed at the aberrant arteries that are the source of the inflammation. As a result, the tear glands can be more prolific and less irritating by shutting and decreasing the feeder blood channels. This therapy makes your eyes seem brighter and less fatigued! Each session takes about 15 minutes, and it is recommended to have four treatments for maximum results.

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See with Confidence

Beautiful Eyes Recovery & Results

Clinical testing, research, and patient testimonials show that Lumenis Beautiful Eyes IPL treatments immediately relieve the most severe dry eye symptoms. In addition, because it's a groundbreaking therapy for skin and eyelid irritation, you may expect to see and feel improvements almost immediately after your treatment. You may experience minor redness around the treated regions in addition to the alleviation. This is a typical and safe reaction to the IPL technology's heat, and it will go away in a few hours. You may resume regular activities and apply makeup the same day since there is little to no downtime.

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Stop Suffering | Talk to the Experts

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If you book your consultation, you will be able to eliminate red or dark circles, smooth any fat deposits, and reduce crow's feet and wrinkles. Dr. Ellen and Dr. Scott bring decades of exceptional medical practice and personal experience with autoimmune disease, mold sickness, and PANS/PANDAS to the table. They established a cutting-edge practice with the devotion and compassion required to improve your health and life due to outstanding leadership. Schedule your Carmel Beautiful Eyes consultation today!

Unwavering Commitment to a Fully Functional Life

Meet the Antoines

Dr. Ellen Antoine - DO, FACEP, ABOIM, IFMCP
Dr. Scott Antoine - DO, FACEP, FMNFM, ABOIM, IFMCP

Each of the Antoine's is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician and a well-known Integrative & Functional Medicine practitioner. This dynamic husband-and-wife team with over 27 years of experience is dedicated to assisting you in identifying the source of your medical problems and improving your overall health. Because Dr. Ellen and Dr. Scott have decades of great medical practice under their belts and personal experience with autoimmune disease, mold sickness, and PANS/PANDAS, they bring a unique viewpoints and insights to the table.

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They not only understand the science underlying and often misunderstood symptoms and illnesses, but they also have the drive and compassion necessary to change your health and your life. In addition, when other medical experts need assistance, they contact Drs. Antoine. They regularly consult with other doctors throughout the nation on diagnosing and treating challenging cases.

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Beautiful Eyes Frequently Asked Questions

The whole procedure is painless, with the only feeling being a slight warmth of your skin.

Following IPL treatments, the following possible side effects may occur such as pain/discomfort, changes in skin texture, pigmentation, or scarring. Our practitioners will discuss all of the potential effects with you, as well as review the precautions we take to ensure your Beautiful Eyes treatment is as safe as possible.

Schedule your Fully Functional Med Spa consultation so your clinician can assess your eye condition and determine a treatment plan suitable for your needs.

The Beautiful Eyes treatment is considered cosmetic and is not covered by medical insurance. We are pleased to offer Cherry as a payment option for Aesthetic services. Cherry works similarly to a credit card and allows you to pay over time, often without accruing any interest.

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