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Health Coaching in Carmel, IN

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Key Mindset And Behavior Changes

Our Health Coaches support key mindset and behavior changes, plus help customize your diet and lifestyle plan to your health goals.

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Implement Your Personalized Fully Functional Treatment Plan

Health Coaching in a doctor’s office setting offers so much more than standard Health Coaching.

CFFH Health Coaching supports you in making transformational health behavior changes, so you can implement your personalized Fully Functional treatment plan and get your life back. Our Carmel Health Coaching bridges the gap between your doctor’s medical recommendations and successfully implementing custom diet, mindset, and lifestyle changes by helping you:

  • Identify personal values
  • Break harmful habits
  • Create healthy habits
  • Develop inner body wisdom
  • Establish a healthy relationship with food
  • Create a positive relationship with your body
  • Become actively involved in your own healing process
  • Make your health goals a reality

Health Coaching Tailored To You

Health Coaching is a critical step in the healing process for so many of our patients – both in individual sessions and group settings.

Our Health Coaching is customized to your health concerns and long-term goals. It’s Health Coaching that meets you where you are today. In individual programs, we look at your daily life and find solutions that work for you. This is a one-on-one approach that gives you extra attention and care at your most delicate times. In the group Health Coaching setting, not only do you have the support of your doctor and a certified Health Coach, but you get the added support of other patients who know exactly what you’re going through. That connection through shared experience is priceless.

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Your Success Depends on YOU

Coaching empowers you to make lasting change.

When it comes to truly turning your health around, a huge part of your success depends on YOU. You’ll need to implement diet, mindset, and lifestyle changes for your body to fully heal and detox, so you have the best possible chance to reverse any damage and optimize your health.

We know firsthand how hard it can be to replace unhealthy habits with new, positive ones. Relying on willpower alone is almost never successful! That why we offer our patients Health Coaching in Carmel. Health Coaching programs offer you the support and tools you need to succeed on your health journey and turn your life around. You never have to go it alone.

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What does Health Coaching look like?

You might be wondering what to expect with Health Coaching! Our coaching programs are completely customized to fit your needs, meaning much will depend on your current health. For patients with more complex conditions or difficult symptoms, we often recommend individualized Health Coaching so you can benefit from intensive one-on-one attention. As you progress, you can move into our group coaching programs for ongoing accountability and a place to share your successes throughout your health journey.

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Coaching Sessions And Types Of Support To Your Goals

We offer Health Coaching in person at our Carmel office, or online via telemedicine/video calls.

Your Health Coach will receive direction and input from our physicians about your specific needs. We then customize the frequency of your coaching sessions and types of support to your goals. That may include strategies to address your stress, meal planning, accountability and encouragement, or help creating a schedule that facilitates the implementation of your treatment plan.

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Save money and time on your way to Fully Functional

With our Health Coaching Carmel patients are never without support and answers. Coaching has the potential to save you unnecessary appointment and medication costs, as well as keep you from missing out at work and home because of your health. Most of all, coaching offers you even more resources to permanently improve your health and become more healthy, joyful, and fulfilled.

Our coaching packages include:

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Complete Diet & Lifestyle Assessment

The assessment package is a great starting point if you’re ready to make a change, but unsure about your goals and expectations.

Carmel Health Coaching at the Center for Fully Functional Health

Journey To Fully Functional

This comprehensive coaching package is an integral part of our patient success and includes help with your diet, mindset, and lifestyle.

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