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What Does it Mean to be Fully Functional®?

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We often hear from people who are hopeless and overwhelmed by their medical issues or declining health. Typically they have seen numerous doctors, received endless medications as well as conflicting information, and just can’t seem to get better. We were once in this desperate place. So, what does it mean to be Fully Functional?

We also hear from people who are interested in optimizing and maintaining their health for the long run but who are confused by the plethora of opinions in the Information Age.

To address these concerns we created a proprietary process called Fully Functional®. Through this process, we bring hope and healing as well as provide laser-like focus so that our patients can manage risk, mitigate the effects of time and toxicity, and be Fully Functional® for life.

What does it mean to be Fully Functional®?

  • Fully Functional® is a state of being
  • You are your most healthy, productive, satisfied, joy-filled self
  • It is complete healing – physically, mentally, spiritually
  • It is transformative

Is this realistic? Can you really experience this? I can tell you from personal experience as well as from the perspective of a physician who has treated thousands of patients over the years – that it is! It requires effort and is not only a state of being but also a state of mind. You must desire and believe that you can experience this. Many of us self-sabotage. We are our own biggest enemy and keep ourselves from experiencing the best life that we can. We need to acknowledge our fears and doubts and refuse to allow them to impact our health journey.

What about those with a chronic or terminal illness – can they be Fully Functional®? Absolutely! There are millions living with chronic diseases and certainly, our goal would be to reverse disease but that isn’t possible for every disease or every person. Our desire is for people to learn how to thrive despite their ‘diagnosis.’ As a family, we certainly needed to learn how to become Fully Functional® and thrive as we were completely overwhelmed by our numerous diagnoses (Lupus, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, immune dysfunction, other behavioral concerns, epilepsy status post malignant brain tumor, and others). Through our own experience, we created the 5 Fully Functional® pillars and we were able to reverse disease and more than thrive. Through our process, we have also successfully helped nearly 1500 patients achieve optimal health.

The 5 Pillars to Becoming Fully Functional®

Image of "Identify" - pillar one in the five pillars to becoming Fully Functional


Identify underlying root issues, contributing factors, stressors, inflammatory processes, etc.

Image of "Reduce" - pillar two in the five pillars to becoming Fully Functional


Reduce any underlying root issues, contributing factors, stressors, inflammatory processes, etc.

Image of "Optimize" - pillar three in the five pillars to becoming Fully Functional


Optimize the way your body manages the things it comes in contact with on a daily/regular basis.

  • Optimize detoxification pathways and all biologic processes.
Image of "Support"


Support your body through the healing and detoxification process.

  • Support your immune system
  • Support you emotionally and mentally
Image of "Personalize"


Personalize a plan specific to you to life Fully Functional® for life

Along with helping our patients become Fully Functional®, one of our goals is to empower our patients to understand their bodies and to be their own best health advocate. Here are some tips you can use to become Fully Functional®.

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