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How Does Lymphatic Drainage Work?

Carmel medpsa patient model receiving lymphatic drainage treatment
How Does Lymphatic Drainage Work?

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out why we don’t feel our best. People tend to think of common areas like diet, exercise, and unhealthy habits as the source of health issues.

In reality, there’s an entire system running in the “background” that regulates some of your body’s most important functions, including removing waste and toxins. This crucial network running throughout your body is called the lymphatic system.

An improperly functioning lymphatic system can create all kinds of problems, from general lethargy to severe swelling, bloating, and immune dysfunction. Lymphatic drainage is a commonly recommended practice that can help detoxify, ease pain, boost immune health, and reduce water retention, among many other benefits.

If it’s so important, then why don’t we hear more about the lymphatic system? Also, how can lymphatic drainage help support whole body wellness?

We’re here to help you understand more about the lymphatic system, what lymphatic drainage is, how it supports a healthy body, and why we use the relaxing, non-invasive Ballancer Pro to help patients achieve the best results from their treatments.

Carmel medpsa ballancer pro patient model with glasses

What Is the Lymphatic System?

Though you may not have learned much about the lymphatic system in biology class, it plays a vitally important role in your body’s regulation and overall health.

The lymphatic system is part of your immune system. All kinds of vessels, glands, and organs create a network of pathways for distributing what your body needs and disposing of what it doesn’t.

To transport waste, your body produces a clear, viscous liquid called “lymph” to help collect, process, and eliminate toxins. The lymphatic system extends throughout your entire body and includes organs like the spleen and appendix.

Think about the lymphatic network as part of your body’s waste management system, taking care of internal and external contaminants – just like a trash service.

You may not realize it, but everything that comes into contact with your skin gets absorbed and processed by your lymphatic system. All of the sunscreen, lotion, makeup products, and soaps that you use every day are part of what your lymphatic system will process.

Lymphatic pathways can sometimes become overloaded and “clogged.” Without anywhere to transport toxins and waste in excess lymph fluid, it begins to build up.

Picture a swimming pool that hasn’t been cleaned all summer. Now, imagine that pool is inside your body! This sluggish disposal is described as poor lymphatic drainage, and the side effects can take a serious toll on your physical and mental wellbeing.


Carmel medpsa patient model receiving treatment


Symptoms of Poor Lymphatic Drainage

How do you know if your lymphatic system isn’t working properly?

Even if you’ve visited the doctor recently, you may not have received a formal diagnosis about your lymphatic system health. Unfortunately, lymphatic health often doesn’t get the attention it deserves in the traditional medical system.

However, a holistic health specialist or integrative and Functional Medicine physician can help you identify health problems caused by lymphatic issues. Some of the most common signs of poor lymphatic drainage include:

  • Persistent fatigue, no matter how much you sleep and rest
  • Inability to concentrate or focus (sometimes called “brain fog”)
  • Chronic swelling of areas with high concentrations of lymph nodes (called lymphedema), usually in the groin, neck, or armpits
  • Significant bloating, water retention, or swelling of your extremities
  • Skin discoloration or stiffness

Lymphatic drainage benefits everyone, not just those with existing health issues. In fact, optimal lymphatic drainage is key to becoming Fully Functional and can help significantly with broader health, wellness, and fitness goals!

Don’t wait for signs of poor lymphatic drainage to discover the life-changing benefits of regular lymphatic drainage and proactively take steps to feel your best.

Carmel medpsa model receiving treatment

How Lymphatic Drainage Works

While the system that circulates your blood has your heart to act as a pump, your lymphatic system relies on your physical movement to optimize detoxification and keep your lymph moving.

If you’re often stationary at work, chances are high that your lymphatic system needs some extra assistance to drain correctly. The same applies if fatigue, joint pain, or other health issues mean you’re less active.

Despite how it might sound, lymphatic drainage is an easy, non-invasive process! In fact, most patients find it quite relaxing and enjoyable.

Lymphatic drainage is usually administered in two ways, either through manual massage techniques or by using targeted pressure from specially designed medical devices. The massage-like effect from either treatment can break up fibrotic areas and gently encourage lymph, water, and blood to circulate through the affected areas.

Whether it’s applied manually or with medical devices, lymphatic drainage is accomplished by applying more pressure distally (away from your core) and less pressure proximally (closer to your core).

For example, during treatment, the highest area of pressure would be applied at the bottom of your legs or at the farthest length of your arm near the wrist. Then, the pressure is slowly reduced as it approaches your core. The entire process helps drain excess fluid, detoxify, and restore your natural body shape.

Lymphatic Drainage with Ballancer Pro

New developments in lymphatic drainage technology like the Ballancer Pro make it even easier to live Fully Functional.

Unlike manual lymphatic drainage massage, which is done by hand, the Ballancer Pro applies targeted, consistent pressure at just the right points across your body to achieve optimal results and therapeutic effects.

The Ballancer Pro has two attachments: a long sleeved jacket or a pair of pants that also cover your feet. This ingenious machine stimulates lymphatic drainage by inflating individual air chambers in the jacket or pants in a wave-like rhythm along the length of your legs, arms, and torso.

The effect is calming, relaxing, and provides instant relief or those with swelling or fluid retention. Many of our patients notice an instant change in their belly and hips!

At the Center for Fully Functional Health, we use the Ballancer Pro for all of our patients who need improved lymphatic drainage. While the Ballancer Pro has a host of celebrity endorsements and boasts impressive clinical studies, what matters most is the results we’ve seen in our patients and ourselves. (Yes, our doctors and staff are devoted Ballancer Pro users too!)



Lymphatic Drainage Massage Benefits

Regular lymphatic drainage offers huge benefits. Below, we’ve broken down some of the key benefits that all types of patients can experience when undergoing lymphatic drainage, regardless of their medical history:

  • Increased immune support
  • Renewed energy
  • Less bloating and water retention
  • Body sculpting effects
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Healthier skin
  • Better focus and attention

Those who are suffering from acute or chronic lymphedema due to genetic issues, surgery, or damage from an accident may also need regular lymphatic drainage as part of their ongoing care routine. That can provide:

  • Significantly reduced swelling
  • Relief from intense pressure
  • Pain reduction
  • Fewer challenges with mobility due to fluid drainage
  • Boost in energy and mood

Carmel, Indiana Lymphatic Drainage

Our experienced team provides lymphatic drainage treatments with the Ballancer Pro in Carmel, IN. By assessing your situation, symptoms, and goals, we can help provide the direction and clarity you need to feel better and return to a Fully Functional life.

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