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Get Inspired with a Vision Board

woman standing and looking at her vision board on the wall

As we continue to socially distance and spend more time at home during this current health crisis, many of us are looking for new creative outlets or activities that will help not just fend off boredom, but lift our spirits and even inspire us!

We’re also looking for ways to continue moving toward our goals (health or otherwise) despite the setbacks of our current situation. Here is a fun, creative, personal, or family activity that is not only fun to put together but also empowering! It’s called a vision board.

A vision board is a creative process to set clear intentions and goals for what you want in your life, so you can grow and transform. It’s a collection of inspirational images that resonate with you and embody the essence of your dreams, how you’d like to feel and what your ideal life could look like.

Putting one together is a fun and simple way for you to visually represent the dreams you have for yourself, decide which ones truly matter to you, and provides motivation for turning them into a reality. The process of choosing what to put on your board is simple but meaningful.

By gathering and displaying these images together, you create a personal reminder that the decisions you make on a daily basis can lead you toward or away from your goals.

This daily reminder can be a powerful tool to help transform your dreams into action. The best way to accomplish your goals is to keep them top of mind and this project is the perfect tool to help you do that!

view of a beach and the ocean through the front entrance of a tent

Here’s How To Create Your Own Vision Board

What you will need:

  • Scissors.
  • Glue and/or tape or push pins.
  • Large poster board, corkboard, or foam board, or a bit of wall space. Some people like to have a “moving” map with pushpins; others find the gluing of images symbolically “commits” them to achieving their goals. Do whichever feels better to you.

A stack of magazines and/or printed images from the internet and photographs from your own life that inspires you to be the best version of yourself. Rich sources of images include magazines focused on health, yoga, or travel, but you can find inspiring visuals anywhere.

materials for creating a vision board, like scissors, flowers, twine, magazines

Preparing Your Creative Space

  • Gather your materials (board, scissors, glue, magazines and/or images).
  • Set aside ample time for the selection, cutting down and gluing of the images.
  • Take a few breaths to settle in and clear your mind. You want to be open to what truly inspires you.

Take some time to think about your values, career goals, wellness goals, family, relationships, hobbies, travel, finances, fitness, etc. What is important to you right now and what are your hopes for the future? You could focus on many aspects of your life, or just one.

For example, if transforming your health right now is your primary focus, you may choose images of colorful, beautiful healthy foods, yoga, running, biking, or other exercise photos, a picture of you when you were at your healthiest and most energetic, self-care photos of massage, journaling, deep breathing, images of nature and other reminders of the restorative practices you want to put into place.

stack of magazines to draw inspiration from and to cut out images for a vision board

Creating Your Vision Board

  • Prepare your working area (floor, desk, kitchen table, etc.) with your materials. Flip through your stack of magazines and rip out images that stir you. Don’t think too hard about this and try not to get caught up in the shopping list aspect of what it is you want to bring into your life (like searching for a picture of a specific car for example).
  • Focus on how the images make you feel and make sure the images mirror your desires. When you look at your images, you should feel a strong connection to those desires. You won’t use all the images you rip out, so just take what you’re drawn to instinctively. You’ll be surprised with what you come up with!
  • Include a photograph of yourself, as you’d like to feel and/or your name somewhere on the map to “own” it.
  • Edit. Once you have a pile of potential images you’re happy with, go through and cut them down to size. Arrange them in a way that you like on your board. Before gluing them down, step back and make sure the board makes your heart leap!
  • Avoid using any images that make you feel bad about yourself. Rearrange the images until the board feels right. Once you’re satisfied with the layout, glue, tape or pin your images to the board.

It’s that easy! Make sure to put your board somewhere you can see it every day and spend a little time each day looking at it for motivation to achieve your hopes and dreams!

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