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Managing Allergies: Summer Vacation Survival Tips

Managing Allergies: Summer Vacation Survival Tips

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Everyone loves a great summer vacation and it’s time to start thinking ahead. When allergies are present, a summer vacation takes a little more thought and planning. Here are a few tips that will make it easier for the allergy sufferers in your crowd. In this article, we’re covering managing allergies and sharing our pro tips to reduce suffering from allergies.

Managing Allergies

Always have a plan.

  • Allergy Safety Plan – Have one completed with all of your important details. FARE, Food Allergy Research & Education, has an Emergency Care Plan that is complete and easy to use.
  • Medicines – Pack all medicines and protect from extreme weather.
  • Travel Companions – Make sure your travel companions know where the emergency plan and medicines are packed and how they are used.

Only you know your allergy and the care that you need. Be your own advocate for your health, and your vacation will be easy and stress-free.

  • Make sure to continue to read labels, ask questions and understand your surroundings.
  • If food allergy is an issue, bring your own snacks when flying.
  • Maintaining good hydration is helpful.
  • Keep your physician numbers handy and programmed into your cell phone.
  • Know where healthcare is located on your vacation.
  • Remember to reduce bringing in allergens to your living area by washing clothes and showering at night.
  • Book hypoallergenic hotel rooms when possible – check with hotels to see what special accommodations they offer for allergy sufferers. Many provide extra care if they know ahead of time.
  • Bring your own pillows; this will help protect against dust mites.

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Planning and advance preparation for your summer vacation will make it more enjoyable.

Enjoy the opportunity of travel and vacation, and most of all, relax!

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