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Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency in Carmel, IN

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CFFH Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF) therapy is a great option for patients who don’t respond to conventional medical care.

PEMF Therapy can help jumpstart your healing on the cellular level, improving how your body heals itself.

PEMF is a safe, effective, non-invasive treatment meaning no surgery, no medication, no injections or needles. It is used to help a wide variety of conditions – including many dismissed as chronic or unmanageable. An excellent study was done by NASA, where they discovered the benefits of the type of PEMF we offer promotes:

  • Better healing and regeneration of damaged or diseased tissue
  • Greater cell longevity, which leads to an anti-aging effect
  • Upregulation of genes responsible for collagen production
  • Cell restoration and growth
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Restorative Treatments Tailored To You

At CFFH, we’re patient-focused and committed to targeting the individual root causes of your illness.

Living a Fully Functional® life means treating your body as a whole – all ten trillion cells at once.​​​​​​​​

Are you feeling frustrated with your current treatment? Do you find that your doctor or team of specialists are not connecting all the dots? Is the cost of your medication rising, or are you scared of a life-disrupting surgery? In our office, we have found PEMF therapy helpful for the following conditions:

  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammation
  • Effects of stress
  • Muscle pain and spasms
  • Osteoarthritis-related pain
  • Back pain
  • Fatigue
  • Poor sleep
  • Immune dysfunction

If you feel lost or disconnected from your friends and family because of your condition, please consider PEMF therapy.

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How PEMF Therapy Can Help You

Your body uses a molecule called “adenosine triphosphate” (ATP) as fuel for your cells.

A session of PEMF powers up your ATP, ensuring your cells function optimally. By focusing on the cellular level, PEMF improves how your body heals itself, from the inside and out. Your cells also gain improved nutrient absorption and waste removal functions. When cells are able to align and communicate with one another better, your whole body sees the benefits. PEMF therapy can improve the inner workings of every single cell. This can mean better circulation and reduced inflammation. Your muscular system can also contract and relax more efficiently.

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Who is PEMF Therapy for?

PEMF therapy is ideal for people with chronic conditions who feel they have exhausted all their medical options without the results they hoped for.

Many of our patients find PEMF heals their relationship with their body, improving their quality of life.

In some cases, patients have been previously told the only option left is surgery.

The associated potential risks and long recovery time can be concerning. Or you may think that you have run out of choices entirely. There are over 300 medical uses of non-invasive PEMF. The therapy itself lasts no longer than the average spa treatment and is a convenient course of care that may bring real serious relief.

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Find a partner in Functional Medicine and start living Fully Functional®

Stop living in pain and discomfort. Surgery might not be the only option! We share your values and want to provide you with real answers and optimize your health. We are motivated to give you your life back, so you can achieve all the things you were put on this earth to do.

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PEMF Therapy

We are your biggest cheerleaders!

We want you to feel better, with improved energy and mobility so you can be Fully Functional® to meet all your goals. PEMF Therapy ranges from $30-$60 per session, depending on your needs. More details will come after meeting with a physician to discuss your course of treatment.

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The Center for Fully Functional Health® is led by a team of award-winning, internationally recognized physicians, committed to providing personalized, life-changing care.

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