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How to Achieve Goals, Keep Pushing!

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New Year, Clean Slate

The clean slate of a New Year gives us permission to go wild setting new goals and chasing big dreams! We get excited and start off with the best of intentions, but often back off the plan when we don’t see the results quick enough. The truth is many of us won’t see our “resolutions” through again this year. We will have setbacks. We will get frustrated. We will quit.

Setbacks are not failures. They are only setbacks. Don’t let them derail you and keep you from your vision! As you attack your goals this year, focus on the process and the vision, and enjoy the results when they come.

Why Do We Give Up on Our Goals?

One of the reasons we give up so quickly on goals we are so excited about at first is because we focus on the results over the process and the vision. Yes, results are important, but they often don’t come as easily as we expect.

Results take time. When they don’t happen on our exact timetable we may give up and give in. Then we beat ourselves up, feeling like a failure when we haven’t failed at all. We just haven’t given it enough time. We give up while we’re still in the process part. And the process is the place where we learn and grow while we keep our vision before us.

If the choices you make, no matter how small, lead you toward your vision, rather than away from it, that is progress! Vision is reached by habits practiced every day. Process.

Your goals are worth fighting for, no matter how long they take.

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Shift to an Outlook That Pushes You Forward

Instead of giving up too quickly, shift to an outlook that pushes you forward, by focusing on the good outcomes of your efforts, even if you haven’t yet achieved the desired results. For example, if you’re struggling with weight loss and are disappointed with the number on the scale despite your efforts to change your eating habits, notice the positives that have come from your efforts. Do you have more energy? Are you feeling more vibrant? Exercising more? All good things, despite the number on the scale. Keep up the process and follow your vision and you will get there.

Vision includes so many things: your hopes, dreams, and desires for your life. Keep the vision as your guide. Use it to push you forward regardless of how you are feeling on a particular day. Let it inspire you. Keep working toward it, and get support if you need it!

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