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Spring Cleaning: 12 Tips to Spring Clean Your Body and Life

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Spring has sprung! Let’s honor this amazing season by getting aligned with all it stands for.

Renewal, fresh starts, growth, flourishing.

It also means it’s time for a little spring cleaning! You know that stagnant energy leftover from too many heavy winter foods and too much lying around indoors? Time to let that go, reset, and rejuvenate!

Here’s a bit of inspiration (12 tips!) to help you spring clean both your body and your life and recharge your energy!

1. Challenge Yourself To Make a New Start

Even if you tried that at the New Year and it didn’t go as you intended. Spring is a new beginning and a time of renewal and growth, so whether you’re getting a late start or a restart on your “resolutions”, it’s really the perfect time.

2. Declutter

Clutter, yes, the stuff that has been accumulating all winter (and possibly for years). The stuff that keeps us stuck, with blocked energy and stagnant creativity. It keeps us from moving forward. It creates stress and overwhelms. Getting rid of clutter will give you a huge boost of energy! Tackle the piles, donate the no longer loved, purge and organize. Don’t underestimate the power of this! It will create major shifts in your life.

an organized, uncluttered pantry full of glass jars of foodstuffs

3. Upgrade Your Pantry Contents

Spring is the perfect time for a full kitchen and pantry clean-out. Throw out expired pantry staples, like spices (they only hold their potency for about a year). Inspect ingredient labels and purge anything with GMO’s, MSG, HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), trans fats, artificial sweeteners, etc. Upgrade current contents to healthy pantry contents.

Ditch any cans or plastic storage containers that aren’t labeled BPA-free. Toss any toxic and partially hydrogenated cooking oils and ditch the processed foods. After you’ve cleaned out, reward yourself by re-stocking with fresh ingredient upgrades and clean, healthy food!

4. Switch Things Up in Your Environment

To create new energy, switch things up in your environment. Look at things from a new perspective. Freshen up your surroundings and see how your energy changes.

5. Re-Energize Your Workout

Many people become more sedentary during the winter, which can lead to stagnant energy. It’s time to get up and move now! Do anything you enjoy, especially if you can do it outside. Even if it’s not warm yet, the days are longer, the sun is strong, and it will re-invigorate your whole routine to move it outside.

Whatever you do, choose an activity you enjoy. Your whole mental, emotional and spiritual outlook changes when you boost your physical activity.

dandelion greens in a colander

6. Eat Weeds

As in dandelion greens! Yes, the same ones you might find in your backyard. Spring is the season of detoxification. Your two major organs of detox are the liver and gallbladder. Both dandelion roots and greens are really great for cleansing and strengthening these two major organs.

The greens of the dandelion are very nourishing, high in Vitamin A, and make a great addition to a salad. The root is often roasted and used in tea. In addition to your “weeds”, eat plenty of other bitter greens such as arugula, watercress, mustard greens, and kale to cleanse your body and support your health this spring!

7. Create a Morning Routine

Use the renewed energy of Spring to get up earlier to create space for reflection, meditation, and personal growth. This will add a sense of peace to your day and inspire you to move forward with your day with passion and purpose. Design your ideal hour, decide what time to get up to make it happen, and just do it!

8. Consider a Digital Detox

One thing most of us could easily re-evaluate this spring is our dependence on technology. Studies show that too much reliance on technology can be harmful to health, both physical and mental. By focusing as much as possible on experiences away from devices, we can greatly enrich all our lives. We can start by being mindful of how we’re spending our tech time. If you’re not ready for a full-blown digital detox, start small by turning your phone off at least an hour before bed and challenge yourself to increase the time spent offline from there.

cherry blossom branch with buds blooming in the sun

9. Get Outside

Use the time you’re not on your phone to get outside! Being stuck inside, in artificial light + the blue light from our devices, doesn’t do much for outlook, mood, or creativity, but getting outside, even for brief periods of time is rejuvenating!

10. Move More

Our bodies were created to move, and movement is crucial for vitality. Do anything and everything to just move more during the day. If you work at a desk, take more frequent breaks and stand up more. Walk or bike instead of driving, when possible. Take the stairs. Stretch. Find creative ways to get more movement into your days.

11. Sign Up for a Race (Even if You’re Not a Runner)

This one might seem random, but it’s one of my favorite tips! Fun runs or charity races are a great activity for the whole family. Some of my favorite memories are running races with my kids, starting when they were young. Even if you don’t love to run, you can walk the course and reap all the same benefits. Check for a list of 5k fun runs in your area and sign up. It’s a great way to explore different areas of your city or town, get outside and interact with others.

various fruits and vegetables laid on out on a wooden table

12. Reboot Your Body With Whole Foods

You don’t need to starve yourself or drink green juice all day to detox your body. Spring is the perfect time to reset your body after the heavy foods of the winter by incorporating seasonal spring foods into your diet. Take advantage of farmer’s market season and purchase local, organic produce. In addition to the detoxing dandelion “weeds” listed above, incorporate lots of greens, asparagus, radishes, fresh herbs, spring peas, etc. into your diet and infuse your meals with life and vitality, eating foods that nourish and support your natural detoxification process.

Check out our amazing Fully Functional® recipes here.

So thankful Spring is here with all its positive energy and hope. Do you have any positive spring rituals that work to supercharge your life? Do you plan on trying any of these? Please share in the comments!

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